Golden Globes to be Written by Mrs. Jenkins 3rd Grade Class

January 5, 2008

Third Grade ClassThe 65th annual Golden Globe Awards coming up on January 13th, 2008 has a lot of questions surrounding it. With the ongoing writers strike still plaguing the industry, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has been feverishly searching for writers to write the dialogue for the show. Jorge Camara, President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, stated, “We were getting a bit worried because we couldn’t find anyone to write for us. Then, I got a letter from a third grade class in Des Moines, Iowa. The letter, which was hand written in crayon, was quite compelling and very poignant. The subject of the letter was to inform me that they were for hire and that they would get extra credit if chosen. I knew right then that I had found my writers.

Mrs. Jenkins, the teacher of the class, is excited for the opportunity. “I had to go out and rent past Golden Globe shows, since I had never seen one, and don’t even own a TV. After watching past shows, I realized that it won’t be hard at all to duplicate the writing from past shows.”

Shane O’Brian, a student is excited as well. “It’s fun to write jokes that will be seen on TV.” When asked about some of his favorite jokes that he has written fr the show, Shane said, “I came up with this one joke where a dog swallows some bubble gum, and then he blows a bubble out of his butt… because he was pooping out the gum. It’s really funny.”

The Golden Globes air on NBC on January 13th, 2008. God help them.

UPDATE: The Golden Globes were canceled, and Mrs. Jenkins students were heartbroken to find out that they won’t be getting the extra credit after all.


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