Our Interview with Jamie Lynn Spears

December 20, 2007

Jamie Lynn SpearsHollywood Liar: Hello Jamie. Can I call you Jamie?
Jamie: No. You can call me Ms. Spears, asshat.
HL: Ok, Ms. Spears, Asshat. Sorry about that.
Ms. Spears, Asshat: No, you dick! I was calling you an asshat. You will call me Ms. Spears.
HL: Ahh, ok. Yeah, I thought that was kind of weird, calling yourself an asshat.
Ms. Spears: Why would I call myself an asshat? I am on Nickelodeon for Christ’s sake.
HL: Again, that is why we thought that it was kind of weird. Anyway, can I start the interview?
MS: What, you haven’t started it yet? Are you shitting me? What kind of dumb shit are you? My agent is making do these fucking interviews and everybody gets five minutes. You’re telling me that those five minutes haven’t even begun yet? Damn it, I have the worst life!
HL: Uhh, ok. Then I will start it now. So, I hear that you are pregnant.
MS: Good work there Sherlock. Where did you hear that, everywhere?
HL: I saw the story on the internet yesterday. How far along in the pregnancy are you?
MS: Long enough to know that you are a dick head.
HL: You are 16 years old and pregnant. Do you feel that you are still a good role model to young girls.
MS: Shit yes!
HL: Ok, is there any word on what is going to happen to your character on the Nickelodeon show Zoey 101?
MS: Yes, there is word. Zoey is going to get knocked up by her boyfriend. Don’t look at me like that.
HL: Look at you like how?
MS: Like you wish you were the father and you could have have all of this up in your bizness.
HL: I think that this interview is over.
MS: It’s over when I say that it is over.
HL: Ok, can you say that it is over?
MS: That’s what I thought. This interview is over. Asshat.


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